Selling wool in Antigua-Guatemala

Wuto, Antigua

5 years ago, i was living in Guatemala and i was having a blast. Everyday i was learning something new. I was very close to my creative side because all of the beautiful hand crafts you can find all over the country.

At that time i was done with the cupcakes and i was doing a lot of knitting and crocheting and it was really difficult to find good quality wools. Guatemala is known because of their textiles in stunning colors, but they are all made with thin fibers, like cotton. There is no production of wool. That’s why i came up with the idea of bringing wool from Chile, because there you can find a lot of different fibers, like 100% wool, merino, alpaca, etc.

At the beginning i thought of buying wool in Chile, just for me, every time i go visit. But then i thought that maybe more people would be interested in buying some wool. So that’s when i decided to open the bussiness of selling imported wools from Chile.

The first thing i did was find the distributor in Chile, and that was very easy because there is a lot of production, so the market is really big. The one i chose was Lanabel. The comunication was really good, even when i called from Skype. They are very organized and they have good deals for wholesaling. The quantity of different types of fibers is really amazing. I decided to start with the classics ones, because i didn’t know which was going to be a good seller in Guatemala.

Then I needed to find a good location. Antigua is a very touristic place so you need to have a good location to be seen. And because i was doing this alone, i wanted to feel safe at the same time. So I just startedto walk around, looking for some renting signs and found the perfect spot, not too expensive, safe and with good street vision. The place was called El jaulón and it had another 5 shops. Mine was in the second floor, so it was important to do something in the street level to make people come up. The building was a Colonial style house, with an interior patio.

The last important thing to decide, was the name. In Guatemala is very common to use the indigenous language to name their companies (they have 22 mayan languages), so i thought of using the word “wool” in the chilean indigenous language, “El Mapuche”, and that’s Wüto.



Here are some pictures of the place and of the products i made and sold.


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