Nuno Chocolates

So as a first post I wanted to show you some things I did a few years ago. Back in 2009 I started my first mini company based in my grandmother’s apartment. It was called CHOCOLATES NUNO (my grandfather’s nickname was Nuno) and basically my grandma made the chocolates with a little of my help and then I was in charged of packaging, marketing and distribution.


The quality of the chocolates where amazing! There where many kinds: black, milk and white chocolate in different forms; some of them where full of nuts, manjar (chilean dulce de leche), fruits… She made as well something call Naranjitas, which are candied orange peels and dipped in chocolate.


For the packaging we wanted something simple, kind of rustic. So we decided to make corrugated cardboard boxes with an acrylic window. I printed some papers with the name and the telephone and I started distributing them.



The only thing I regret is not having spent more time in the kitchen with grandma to really learn how to make all this beauties. I will try to get all the recipes and learn making chocolate very soon!



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